4. - 6. JUN 2015 - DONAUINSEL WIEN

Why does one have to give stages at a rock festival highfalutin names, what does this all have to do with Sigmund Freund and Klimt and who to hell is Joachim Luetke?

ROCK IN VIENNA has its own claim to quality.
Artists, comfort, cleanness – all these are factors where we are trying to set new standards and therefore, for example, there are only flushing toilets and no mobile toilets.

Unlike established festivals we have designed our set-up on a white sheet of paper. “From scratch” as Americans say. Tiring, as everything is new and no previous experience is available however:

THE CHANCE to create something new and, we admit it:
Also to express our eccentric ideas and passion.

PASSION: The key word for us! What made Austria great? Passion in many areas.  Many people, originating from Austria, have made a name for themselves worldwide, have made discoveries, created things and written history.

Artists, scientists, painters, poets and thinkers... – united by their special commitment to their own mission.

MIND & SOUL: Two things that don’t exclude one another. Two things that we all, but also a festival like ROCK IN VIENNA, should have. 

SOUL: Art needs a soul, a heartbeat and there it is again PASSION!
Therefore a right-minded festival also need a right-minded festival soul und so a stage can be given this name!

MIND: Plenty of keen minds should be at a festival.
Safety, a “short routes” concept, new ideas....

Why FREUD and this Klimt guy again?
Since 1995, sick leave due to psychological illness has almost doubled! Our mind has never been confronted with so many impressions and stressful situations as it is today.

SIGMUND FREUND invented psychoanalysis. Tools, that we need today more than ever before.

On the 4th of June 1938, so 77 years before our first festival day, Freud was expelled by the SA. More than a reason to dedicate a stage to Sigmund Freud!

GUSTAV KLIMT is considers to be one of the founders of the Austrian Art Noveau movement and he is also highly acclaimed internationally. During Klimt’slife, this wasn’t always the case: A controversial, scorned but also loved, offering sources of friction. For us, really the epitome of Rock´n Roll and therefore this year’s patron of the Mindstage!

The synchronicity with the Lifeball is unintentional. 


The Metalklimt of our times. A restless character, production designer of the short film “Copy Shop” that was nominated for an Oscar, has been awarded with many other prizes and is, in particular: an artist of PASSION! deeply routed in Rock and Metal, Cover-Artist for masters of Metals like Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Rage, Kreator and Pain.

His opinion:“ Our Adele had already exploded, when we saw the first pictures of Conchita as her. After contemplating for a short time, we did then decide to stick to our concept and the spirit and to let the Adele fragments explode over an industrial wall. The counterpart – Sigmund Freud – was to extract himself from industrial objects like machine parts and rolling doors. These symbolise the complexity of the subconscious, the ratio, the scientific analysis.

Nevertheless, he too is fragmented, torn, but also pierced by fragments of Adele’s Art Nouveau ornaments.

Structured analysis meets exuberant, artistic creativity without borders: PASSION!
This is exactly what ROCK IN VIENNA should be!
Do we expect too much of our audience? No.
Passion expresses itself.
Our love for our music is reflected in the whole design and our audience will understand. For certain!