4. - 6. JUN 2015 - DONAUINSEL WIEN

General information:

You may follow the camping order at the camping area at any time. Find the camping order here: Link

For the overnight stay at the camping area you must purchase a ticket with access authority to the camping area, which can be obtained through the official ticket reseller. The usage of the showers and the toilets are for free after you obtained the camping ticket.
When you enter the camping area in exchange of a collateral of 5,-€ you will receive a garbage bag. You may receive the collateral back in exchange of a filled garbage bag.

We ask you to only use the signed camping areas, which will provide enough space for everyone. So-called „wild camping“ so camping outside the offical camping area is prohibited. Security force and the police will stop wild camping and will ask for you to leave the area.00
You may use the services of our partner “mein-zelt-steht-schon” in order to get yourself an already pitched tent. You may book their services on our homepage: 

Attention: You may only receive permission to enter the camping area with the camping ticket that will grant you permission to the area. This means that a booking with “mein-zelt-steht-schon” makes only sense if you as well possess a ticket that grants you access to the camping area.
You may not stay overnight in a vehicle! Please be sure to take care of your shelter beforehand. 
Caravans are prohibited at the Donauinsel! You will inform you in a timely manner about the opening times!

Mein Zelt steht schon:

You don't own a tent or you're not keen on carrying or pitching all the camping equipment by yourself? Then you're in good hands of the crew of mein-zelt-steht-schon! They don’t only have tents and other camping accessories to rent, but they're also assembling it for you.
So you just have to arrive at Rock in Vienna, move into the tent and start to party!