4. - 6. JUN 2015 - DONAUINSEL WIEN

You can’t even remotely know what „crazy“ means unless you were listening to Turbonegro

Their current name is actually the “customer-friendly” version, as the label thought for some reason that Nazipenis wouldn’t sell that well. But not only is their music wicked, but the band and their members also are. Happy-Tom, Duke of Nothing and the rest of the band don’t only look like they went bananas, but this craziness also reflects on their music. The Norwegians like to be the center of attention with their bonkers shows and their lyrics, which is the reason why we wanted them at Rock in Vienna, to spice things up even more than they already are. So don’t forget: GET THE COBRA OUT OF YOUR ASS AND PARTY WITH THE ANIMALS.

Members: Duke of Nothing (Leadsinger), Happy-Tom (bass), Knut "Euroboy" Schreiner (guitar), Pål Pot Pamparius (keyboard, guitar), Rune "Rune Rebellion" Grønn (guitar), Tommy Manboy (drums)


1992 - Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives

1993 - Helta Skelta

1994 - Never is forever

1996 - Ass Cobra

1998 - Apocalypcse Dudes

2003 - Scandinavian Leather

2005 - Party Animals

2007 - Retox

2012 - Sexual Harassment