4. - 6. JUN 2015 - DONAUINSEL WIEN

Weird music videos, odd guys, fantastic music!

We first had to get sure that the boys would hold what their music promises and had a little one on one with the Rolling Stones, BossHoss and Within Temptation to make sure of that. After all, Triggerfinger had been the supporting act for The Rolling Stones and Within Temptation and together with BossHoss they released a cool cover of “Mad Man Blues”. And yes, we can confirm by now that you indeed will fall for their extraordinary riffs, the clear and atmospheric voice and their fantastic sound, just like you should be used to with their hit single “I Follow Rivers”.

Member: Ruben Block (lead singer, guitar), Paul Van Bruystegem (bass), Mario Goossens (drums)

Studio albums:

2004 - Triggerfinger (Green L.F.ant Music)
2007 - Faders up (Livealbum)
2008 - What Grabs Ya? (Excelsior Recordings)
2010 - All This Dancin' Around
2011 - High Voltage - Recorded live - July 23rd 2011
2012 - Faders Up 2 - Live in Amsterdam
2014 - By Absence of the Sun