4. - 6. JUN 2015 - DONAUINSEL WIEN

Chuck Billy and his men have every right to be called one of the founding bands of the bay area thrash.

Even though the band changed some of their members more often than some old rocker their leather jacket, that didn’t harm the fantastic sounds nor the stunning stage shows of Testament. Rather, all the new influences of the band members improved and reinvented their music notes. Go and show the guys how much metal you have inside of you and maybe you can call yourself a new member of Testament real soon ;)

Members: Chuck Billy (lead singer), Eric Peterson (guitar), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Gene Hoglan (drums)

Studio albums

1987 - The Legacy
1988 - The New Order
1989 - Practice What You Preach
1990 - Souls of Black
1992 - The Ritual
1994 - Low
1997 - Demonic
1999 - The Gathering
2008 - The Formation of Damnation
2012 - Dark Roots of Earth