4. - 6. JUN 2015 - DONAUINSEL WIEN

After a break of 13 years the waiting time for day one fans is finally over: CC have promised us a new Album!

The history of this band is truly a rollercoaster of emotions: having Sharon Osbourne as your manager, losing some band members due to Jesus and children, little divorce due to troubles between founding member and wifey… Though, one might say that all the negative things happening always as well caused good things or other way around. Now finally the Dark Days of the band is finally over and even though the Californians want to get back slowly they are not being exactly delicate with their music instruments, hitting them hard and bringing out musicnotes you never knew existed. Old and new fans of the Band can happily look forward to the album “Rivals”, arriving on the 19th May and them arriving 4th – 6th June 2015 at Rock in Vienna! 

Bradley James „Dez“ Fafara (vocals), Miguel „Meegs“ Rascon (guitar), Nadja Peulen (bass), Mike „Bug“ Cox (drums)

1997 - Coal Chamber
1999 - Chamber Music
2002 - Dark Days
2003 - Giving the Devil His Due (Kompilation mit Remixes und Demotracks)
2004 - The Best of Coal Chamber (Kompilation)
2005 - Coal Chamber (Roadrunner 25th Anniversary Re-Issue CD/DVD)